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SELWO Marina is a unique entertainment that complements his brother SELWO ADVENTURE. The main theme of SELWO Marina is South America, which recreate the landscapes and the marine fauna of the continent. The exhibition brings together a dolphin, an area of seals and sea lions, a penguin, even exotic birds, and an area of virtual reality and an interactive section called "Touch and Explore. " His latest innovation is the attractive island of ice, which has expanded the collection of new and curious penguin species.


A place to spend a day of fun and entertainment with the best water rides imaginable for the whole family.
Aqualand Torremolinos is the only place in the Costa del Sol where you can find water ride that is sweeping the world. BOOMERANG is adizzying round trip on a super-slippery surface on board a float, to be shared with anyone. If you taste it you willl want to repeat.
Enjoy this summer!
The strength of slip from one of the highest water slides in Europe is difficult to describe. Imagine the most daring free fall and the entry into the water faster all of a sudden. All this and much more is Kamikaze,the classic and exciting attraction at Aqualand Torremolinos. One of those experiences that you will never forget, because you never have felt so alive.